Riveco GeneralSider


We are the result of the evolution of the experiences and the synergies developed by three companies active for more than 50 years in the field of carbon steel pipes and i.e. General Sider Italiana S.p.A. (specialized in the production of steel pipes), Riveco Rivestimenti Condotte S.p.A. (specialized in the anticorrosion coatings of steel pipes) and General Tex S.r.l. (producers of special fabrics for the coating reinforcement). Our industrial group has become a benchmark in the field of pipes supplies relevant to the energy and infrastructure industries, with a specific commitment to quality.

Production is carried out in two different sites between the regions of Abruzzo and Molise; one in Chieti Scalo and the other at Larino (CB) in a wholesome covered area of 114.000 sq. mt. (among offices and plant) and with a open air stockyard of 520.000 sq.mt.

We market our products inland and abroad, to the main European Companies transporting and distributing gas, in Mediterranean and Middle-East countries and in many other areas, also thanks to our capacity of re-locate the production equipment with mobile units. With the aim of increasing our presence in South America, We have established Riveco do Brasil in Lorena (São Paulo).

Riveco GeneralSider's History

Riveco Generalsider has an history spanning nearly 60 years along which the Company has been continuously growing and improving.


Establishment of General Sider Italiana S.p.A., producing high frequency welded pipes up to 2½” (76.1 mm).


Establishment of General Tex s.rl. producing glass fiber fabrics for the reinforcement of asphalt coatings of pipes.


Establishment of General Sider Europa S.p.A., producing high frequency welded steel pipes up to 12” (323.9 mm).


Acquisition of Riveco Rivestimenti Condotte S.p.A specialized in the application of coatings and lining of steel pipes. Achievement of the Quality Certification A.P.I. 5L.


Award of the Quality Certification ISO 9000.


Erection of a second lamination line producing carbon steel pipes up to 16” (406.4 mm).


Establishment of the new Head Office in via Marino Carboni in Chieti, erection of two new extrusion lines producing HDPE pipes. Award of the Quality Certification IIP.


Merger of the three Companies General Sider Italiana S.p.A., Riveco Rivestimenti Condotte S.p.A. e General Tex S.r.l establishing the new Company Riveco GeneralSider S.p.A.


Erection and start-up of two solar panel installation for a total capacity of 2 MW.


Installation in the Chieti site of a second sleeve extrusion coating line with a production range from ¾” (26.9 mm) to 12” (323.9 mm) dia.


Installation in the Chieti site of a second side-banded extrusion coating line with a production range from 4” (114.3 mm) to 70” (1778.0 mm) dia.


  • HFI Longitudinally Welded steel pipes
  • HDPE pipes
  • Anticorrosion coatings and linings
  • 150 people workpower
  • Satisfaction
  • Undergoing installation of a new lamination line producing carbon steel pipes rounds up to 24” dia. (610.0 mm), squares up to 500 x 500 x 20,0 mm and rectangulars up to 600 x 400 x 20,0 mm in 16.0meters long pipes.

Mission and Vision

We supply extensive solutions in the pipelines field thanks to the experience accrued over the years in pipes production and coating application. We carry on a strict control throughout the supply chain starting from purchasing only high quality raw materials. We accept the challenge of competing in constantly growing and changing markets, focusing on enhancing our customers, on the excellence and trust worth of our products, on the strength and efficiency of our organization, on a global vision.

Customers Enhancement

Build up and keep a close relationship with our customers, acknowledging the needs, the requests, present and future requirements. Provide support aimed at helping their growth.

Trust Worth

Nurture the trust of customers by providing them with high quality, reliability and safety products, in full compliance with delivery terms and at competitive prices.


Fostering, by encompassing both our customers and our suppliers, a culture of Empowerment as vision, in which all members can contribute in the best way, with their motivation, participation, intelligence, knowledge and experience, to the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services.

Think Global

Thinking and acting in a global perspective in a competitive market by making strategic choices towards new tendencies that shall turn into advantages and new opportunities for our customers.