External Coatings

External anticorrosion coatings for gas, oil, water, onshore and offshore pipelines, in PE, PP, FBE, asphalt, PUR, rock-shield, CWC for submarine pipes.

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Polyethylene coating

Ideal for aqueducts, gas ducts, black or galvanized pipes for civil and industrial installations, oil pipelines, sub sea pipelines, special applications, stainless steel pipes, for a large working temperatures, for onshore and offshore applications.


Polypropylene coating

It’s a kind of coating used for service temperatures up to 110° C, in presence of mechanical and corrosion risks, in order to enhance the scratch, penetration, peeling resistance, with long lasting performances. It’s applied in 3 layers, on steel pipes with the desired thickness.


FBE coating

External anticorrosive coatings in fusion bonded epoxy powders FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy), in various thicknesses, on steel pipes.


Asphalt coating

Anti-corrosion coatings on steel pipes. Possessing mechanical and electrical characteristics suitable of properly protecting steel pipes for gas pipelines and aqueducts.


Rock-shield mechanical protection

The rock-shield is a non anti-corrosion coating applied on the anticorrosion coating to provide extra mechanic protection.


Zinc coating

External anticorrosion coatings with two-component inorganic zinc paint made from ethylene silicates and metallic zinc in high percentage



Thanks to this preparation process, in addition to the elimination of any iron oxide, a roughness of around 45-70 microns is obtained so to allow perfect adhesion of the coating.